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See Clearer.

Care More.

Grow Faster.


Maximise your financial opportunities through
Lucid’s leading investment strategies.

We use our proprietary data-driven methodology, to shed light on properties with huge potential upside with less risk

Decades Of Experience

Proven Track Record

​Leading Investment Strategies

Property Analysis Experts

​Proprietary Data-Driven Methodology

​Maximized Returns, Minimized Risk


Over 90% 

of our clients have seen their investments grow faster than the market!

“I thought I knew a fair bit about real estate investing.
The conversation with Chris really opened my eyes!”

You’re on the path to smarter investments …

And property investment is part of the plan to get you to your financial goals faster.

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Can you afford to **** that up!?

Investment decisions can be overwhelming!

Should you invest in a unit? Or a house?
Should you optimize for rental return? Or capital gain?

Is there a better way?
Yes, there is.


At Lucid, we know that data sheds light on the solution.

Which is why we use our proprietary data-driven method to buy properties you wouldn’t find yourself: that result in returns, without taking more risk. Such finds are rare, which is why we take on no more than 3 new clients a month.

Want to get to know the team at Lucid?

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The entire property market

The Lucid way

For every 1 property we buy, we review over 5,500 properties.

Filtered Properties >>>

<<< Excluded Properties

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The Bottom Line:

Annual increase in value of Lucid investments: 14.6%

Annual market increase over the same time period: 6.6%

Here are some properties we recently bought for clients:



Property in Holland Park

Purchase Price, January 2022: $1,428,000
Current Value: $1,650,000
Market Growth in Suburb: 2.6% (Jan ‘22 – Nov ‘23)
Growth in Client’s property: 15.5% (Jan ‘22 – Nov ‘23)




Property in Oxley

Price: $1,010,000

Building Cost: $1,300,000

Estimated Rent: $3,800 per week

Rental Yield: 8.6%

Median suburb rental yield:4.0%


These are not one-offs!

They represent the average properties we buy

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We’re founded on thousands of hours of research in the South East Queensland property market!

Lucid is founded and run by Chris McKnoulty, who loves to strategise maximising property returns to the advantage of his clients.

Chris brings 20 years of experience in property analysis &
acquisition in South East Queensland.

With a passion for the investment space, he also loves to take on specialised acquisition projects that are a little out of the ordinary such as high end residential and lifestyle properties.

Lucid’s data-driven method was born when Chris was buying
properties for development. He noticed a misunderstanding of the value of certain properties, that were waiting to be exploited. He knew these would make superior investments, if there was a way to identify them.

Lucid’s data-driven method is designed to do just that.

Get in touch with us to hear more about the Lucid way. 


Want Lucid on your team for your next investment?

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